How To Measure EyeGlasses Frames Size

Frame Size Guide

We get the question a lot, how do I measure eyeglasses so that I can be assured they are going to fit my face? Read this article to find out more

How can I be sure that the glasses are going to fit me?

Purchasing glasses without trying them on can be a daunting task, however with a quick read of this article you can rest assured that your new glasses are going to fit you perfectly. With the 3 simple measurements we provide on all our glasses listings, you can quickly ascertain whether or not the glasses are suitable for you. In the next 2 minutes you will a master of measuring eyeglasses.

What Measurements do you provide?

Vintage Specs provides the 3 most important measurements so you can easily understand the sizing of the frames

For Example

Measurements: 52:15:142

52mm: This refers to the width of the lens (left to right)

15mm: Refers to what is known as the bridge width, which is a measurement taken between the two lenses 

142mm: This measurements refers to the length of the arms

Finding the perfect fitment may be a hard task, however understanding these measurements can really help in making the final decision on whether or not to go ahead with your new glasses. If the glasses don’t have the measurements printed onto the frame, you can grab a ruler or tape measure & manually measure the eyeglasses individual points. 

A great way to understand these measurements, is to look at your existing glasses & see what size they are so that it is easily comparable to a potential new pair. 

What can I ignore?

Typically the model number is also printed onto the frame’s arm, this is typically a few characters followed by the series of numbers. This is not important to the size of the frame & can be ignored. 

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